Keeping Software Engineering Education Up-to-date with Globally Distributed Software Development and Delivery

Proposal content includes: Assessing Students in E-Teams, Improving student outcomes, International models of entrepreneurship education

This presentation describes three years of a teaching initiative between Pace University in New York City, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia in Phnom Penh and the University of Delhi in India, a partnership designed to bring undergraduate and graduate Software Engineering students together to work on globally distributed software development projects, whilst also exploring the entrepreneurial opportunities that can arise from such collaboration. Cambodian, American, and Indian students worked together to engineer small software systems that were particular to the local Cambodian market. Cambodian students acted as customers. Undergraduate American students acted as developers. Graduate American students acted as mentors for the American undergraduate students and auditors on the project quality. Indian graduate Computer Science students worked as database sub-contractors. This paper describes the three-year evolution of this innovative Software Engineering teaching initiative, how to set up such collaborative teaching models, the lessons learned and the entrepreneurial opportunities.

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