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[:FaceExerciseResults: Consolidated results now available here]
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* [attachment:FacesInstructions Instructions] * [attachment:GSDFacesInstructions.pdf Instructions]
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* [attachment:FacesImages Faces] * [attachment:GSDFacesImages.pdf Faces]
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   * [:FaceExoCambodia: Cambodia]
   * [:FaceExoIndia: India]
   * [:FaceExoThailand: Thailand]
   * [:FaceExoUSPLV: US-PLV]
   * [:FaceExoUSNYC: US-NYC]
   * [:FaceExoGrad: Graduate st
   * [:FaceExoDev: Developers]
   * [:FaceExoClient: Clients]
   * [:FaceExoDevCoach: Developer Coaches]
   * [:FaceExoClientCoach: Client Coaches]
   * [:FaceExoAudit: Auditors]

[:FaceExerciseResults: Consolidated results now available here]

This exercise is to be carried out by all the students working on the GSD project, in class, preferably within the next 2 weeks when interaction *should* be intense! Please make sure they do not copy each other. Professors will need to download the exercise kit and this time it just involves some print outs.

* [attachment:GSDFacesInstructions.pdf Instructions]

* [attachment:GSDFacesImages.pdf Faces]

Why do this? Well, do these students recognize who they are working with and can they put a name to a face? They should be aware of their extended team mates this late into the project -- their images have been available on the wikis for a while.

  • Print a set of instructions for yourself (you can read this for your students or write it on a white board).
  • Print a set of faces documents for your students to have a copy each (3 pages).
  • Ask each student to do the 3 tasks written on the instructions and collect the annotated faces documents.
  • Please summarise the results.
  • Results:

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