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 * [http://www.csis.pace.edu/~scharff/moinwikitutorial.pdf Wiki Tutorial]
 * [http://www.csis.pace.edu/~scharff/tutorialjavanetsubscribe.pdf Java.net Tutorial - Project Membership] (later CS)
 * [http://www.csis.pace.edu/~scharff/tutorialjavanetsvn.pdf Java.net Tutorial - Code Repository] (later CS)
 * [http://www.csis.pace.edu/~scharff/tutorialjavanettesting.pdf Java.net Tutorial - Testing] (later CS)
 * [http://www.csis.pace.edu/~scharff/moinwikitutorial.pdf Tutorial - How to post on the wiki?]

 * [http://www.java.net java.net]
   * [attachment:tutorialjavadotnetmembership.pdf Tutorial - How to join a java.net project?]
   * [attachment:tutorialjavadotnetbug.pdf Tutorial - How to submit a bug, manage a bug lifecycle and generate bugs reports?]
   * [attachment:tutorialsubversionjavadotnet.pdf Tutorial - How to use the Subversion code repository of java.net within Eclipse?]
     * [http://www.eclipse.org Eclipse]
     * [http://subversion.tigris.org Subversion]
 * [http://www.debugmode.com/wink/ Wink] is a tutorial and presentation creation software that is based on screen captures. Two tutorials are available in the Help tab once you install the software. They also are accessible here for your convenience: [http://atlantis.seidenberg.pace.edu/~scharff/winktutorial/tutorial1.htm Tutorial 1] and [http://atlantis.seidenberg.pace.edu/~scharff/winktutorial/tutorial2.htm Tutorial 2]. Be aware of the size of the videos! We are not expecting sound on the videos. It takes 2 seconds to get started with Wink!

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