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---- /!\ '''End of edit conflict''' ---- [http://www.pace.edu Pace University]

The link below is an introductory tutorial about using the sun wireless toolkit


The following link is part II of the above tutorial where a servlet is connected to a MIDP program via cell phone emulator on the same machine.


Following link is for J2ME BluePrints


The link below shows all the steps mentioned in the slides from EPROM. I didn't follow the frist steps in compiling the code as they don't seem to be clear enough. We will be using the toolkit so all the initail steps will be handled by it.


In case of the issues we talked last Monday abotu sending data to the database via cell phone: It is based upon your approval but one part of the application can be where we use a MIDP program as shown in the second link where MIDP program is undating the counter in the servlet. In our case we can use the servlet to retrive the information and save it to the database. Right now there are two steps involved in this situation.

1) Send message from one cell phone to the other one. 2) Make the other cell phone to figure out the sender and then automatically send that information to the servlet to update the database.

Hopefully I might work :)


[http://www.pace.edu Pace University]

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